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Upload, send
and relax…

AdDelivery takes care of the rest

Simple, reliable, fast delivery of your digital media assets. Across the continent or the world. At a competitive price with no hidden fees. It's why thousands of media companies rely on Comcast AdDelivery every day to deliver and track their spots. And it's why you can, too.

Coast-to-Coast, Fiber-Optic Network

Coast-to-Coast Fiber
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Contact us today for a demo and discover how Comcast AdDelivery can improve
how you send and manage your digital assets.

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What sets AdDelivery apart from other digital asset delivery services?

  • Guaranteed
    Rush Delivery

    of HD spots in 2 hours and SD spots in 1 hour

  • Proprietary Fiber-Optic Network

    delivers to 99% of media venues in North America

  • Great Rates Without Hidden Fees

    (like no extra charges for after-hour delivery)

  • White-Glove

    via your own dedicated account manager

  • Spots Arrive

    and of the highest quality with Triple Check QC

  • Free Delivery

    for Comcast Spotlight customers

"With Ad Delivery, I just upload the file and they do the rest - no questions asked."
Morgan Rose, Account Manager, MULTI media

"Time is my most important commodity… AdDelivery does
everything it can to save me bunches of it."
Janet Scott, Traffic Manager, Joseph Pedott Advertising

"AdDelivery gives me the confidence to know that my spots and traffic
instructions will get to the right place and person on time, every time."
Cara Scharf, President, Fearless Media

"I just log into AdDelivery, and from the dashboard I can tell immediately
where my spots are, or what's new, pending or has been delivered."
Rita Greenless, Operations Manager, Media Funding Solutions